Classic Battle Ships

Classic Battle Ships Description:

Classic battle ship game, where player can play agains computer.


It's classic battleships game. At the beginning of the game, you have to put own ships on the board, you can
change their rotation before putting on the board. After placing them on the board you can always change their
position, or remove the ship by moving it outside board. Between ships must be a break, minimum one
field, you can't place the ships side by side. You can also put them in a random position by clicking the "random".
Once you set up your ships, you can start the game by clicking "play".

On the right side will be opponent board, where you can try to hit the enemy ship. When you hit his ship you
get another chance to hit.

The aim of the game is to sink all the enemy ships, who will do it faster, WINS THE GAME.




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