Crystal Golf Solitaire

Crystal Golf Solitaire Description:

Welcome to our new version of classic Golf Solitaire!

Deceptively simple to play - just click the cards that are one above or below the home card - and try to clear the table before the deck runs out! It sounds simple - but this game requires careful planning & stategy to get the best runs & claim a spot in the highscores!

Even if you dont like classic Klondike solitaire, it's hard not to enjoy Golf Solitaire!

- 3 Difficulty levels, from beginner to golf solitaire expert!
- Detailed game stats & High Scores
- Fun casino style graphics & sound


Click the cards that are one higher or lower than the 'home'

Try to clear the board before your 'Deck' runs out!

'Undo' and 'Hint' buttons help you play but cost you points!




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