enDice Complete

enDice Complete Description:

enDice is back, with more dice and more puzzles. enDice Complete has 3 types of dice, 40 levels, and a level editor so you can make your own puzzles and share them with friends.

Start with the easy levels to learn how to play. If your finding the game too easy for you, then just skip ahead to the more difficult puzzles.


- The number of dots on each Die is the amount of moves it can make.
- Move the Dice into each Zone with NO MOVES REMAINING.
- Press down on a Die, then release your mouse in the direction you want it to move.

- Dice can push other Dice.
- Dice with Grey Dots can jump over other Dice.
- Dice with White Dots CANNOT be pushed.

- Press R to Reset the puzzle.
- Press U to Undo the previous move.
- If you can’t remember what to do. Press ? to access the Help.




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