Fupa Raiders

Fupa Raiders Description:

In this fun filled strategic Fupa game "Fupa Raiders" it is your objective to to raid neighboring castles and capture control of the map. There are between two different enemies which will attempt to take over your own castles and destroy you. You can customize your army and the armies of your enemies from over 63 different costumes including pirates, ninjas, wizards, generals, women, sailors, genies, gurus, and many many more. You must think fast and swarm your opponents with your horde of Fupas to rule the day! For Awesome! Now go seize the castles!


Welcome to Fupa raiders the objective of this game is to capture your opponents castle. You are blue team and your opponents are red and green. Send your Fupas to the red castles to attack. To attack a different castle click your blue castle and then press the enemies castle you wish to attack.




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