Mental: Murder Most Foul

Mental: Murder Most Foul Description:

Fred, Walter and Greg are finally reunited after their escape from the Insano Mental Institution in Capital City.

Unfortunately for them they had to resort to some violence during their escape and later on to avoid being caught by the police and mental health workers.

There is now a long list of citizens that have been killed or seriously injured by the trio. Their capture is no longer a local matter, nor is it a State matter; the seriousness of their crimes has upgraded their status to a national security threat and the FBI amongst other government agencies are now after them.

Box Laden has lost his place as the no. 1 most wanted person, replaced by the trio in positions 1, 2 and 3!

Your job is to help Fred, Walter and Greg escape capture and get to their home in the country. Can you do it? Solve the puzzles and save their lives. They are the true victims in all this!


Arrow keys; Mouse.

Space bar to pick up objects and to open doors.

Tab key to alternate between each character.




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