Mighty Fin

Mighty Fin Description:

Fin needs a vacation. He’s signed up for Shady Sal's suspiciously cheap — and possibly deadly — Round the World Tour. Hey, money's tight when you're a working fish.

Mighty Fin is an addictive arcade game that's easy to pick up, hard to master... and impossible to put down.

★ Guide Fin through blue oceans, arctic ice caves, tooth-destroying candy lands, and steaming hot summer isles!
★ Collect as many bubbles as you can for a high score, then post it on the global leaderboards!
★ Collect gold medals in two different modes to unlock new costumes for Fin to wear!


Hold Space or the Left Mouse Button to dive and let go to soar through the air.

The deeper you dive in the water, the higher you'll jump.

Duck and dodge to defy death, and collect bubbles for a high score.




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