Pentamino Description:

Revolutionary puzzle game and a TON OF FUN! It will keep you entertained for a long time. Try it out, it is better than Tetris!


The object of the game is to place playing shape on the stage to fill columns and rows. When a column or row is filled, it disappears, freeing those spaces. Every ten blocks you receive one pass. See how high you can get!
Mouse controls:
Release left mouse button while playing shape is not overlapping to place it. Mouse wheel rotates shape. Hold left mouse button and rotate wheel to flip shape along axis.
Keyboard controls:
Cursors will move playing shape in chosen direction. 7 and enter/return will permanently place shape when it is not overlapping. 5, c and space bar will rotate shape clockwise. 1 and x will rotate shape counter clockwise. 9, q and z will flip shape along vertical axis. 3, e and v will flip shape along horizontal axis. P and – will pass playing shape. Press m to (un)mute.




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