RE: Get To Schol On Time Demo

RE: Get To Schol On Time Demo Description:

From the makers of Kotaku Gaming App of the Day "Pig & Bullet"... GHXYK2, Famicon & Spiceworx present 'RE: Get To Schol On Time' PC DEMO Edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Help the young Fuller learn what it means to take part in the best selling Xbox Live and iOS game, now exclusively on Windows in association with Desura.

PRESS: Best of Indiegames week ending March 2, 2012

"It's a game that I personally adore and once I had finished it, I knew I had to contact the studio that made it." Stevie Grant,

"Bart The General was incredible, definitely getting this." Alex May, Co Creator of Eufloria

"This game is one of THE BEST indie games I have ever played." -


Arrow Keys = Move

Space & Shift = Action

Check the help screen before each stage for objective and control infos




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