World Voyage

World Voyage Description:

Make an amazing world tour with World Voyage! Discover the amazing beauty of the world’s most famous sights!


Clear all tiles and open all locks using original match3 mechanics to complete the level.
World Voyage is a unique combination of classical match3 mechanics and original tools, features, and bonuses. The new features change the traditional appearance that is characteristic for most match3 games. There are timer balls that turn into locks after certain time, thus making you think harder to pass to another level. Two or more locks create a line that limits your space in the game, requiring resourcefulness and skill. Such a feature highly increases the game’s replayability, so that you will never get bored! No doubt you will also enjoy a significant number of various remarkable bonuses (a hammer, a magic wand, a key etc.), which can last for several levels if not used. The most useful bonus is probably the combometer that causes rain destroying lots of tiles.




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