Letter RIP

Letter RIP Description:

Letter RIP is an intense wild west word shootout! You are Sheriff Wordsmith, tasked with eliminating 10 notorious bad word gangs that have been terrorizing towns and misspelling words throughout the wild west! So grab your trusty Colt .45 Peacemaker and prepare for the gunfight of your life!


Use your mouse to aim your gun. Click to fire. Point your gun down to duck and reload. To kill outlaws, make real words out of the tiles in their chests. For example, if an outlaw has tiles spelling "ZDOG" in his chest, shoot out the "Z" and spell "DOG", That will kill the outlaw. Your life meter is the heart in the lower left corner, when you get hit 8 times...you're dead! So keep moving and ducking to avoid getting hit. Good Luck, Sheriff!




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